NTRA Pre-election Outlook

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Nov. 3, 2014) -- On Election Day eve, the NTRA presents this Pre-Election Outlook http://www.ntra.com/media/8928298/alpinegroup_preelection-outlook_midterm2014.pdf prepared by Alpine Group, the NTRA’s government affairs consultants.

This report breaks down the election into two categories:  What We Know and What to Watch For. Specifically, the report highlights the current makeup of both the House of Representatives and Senate and graphically analyzes the strength of each party in Congressional races.  It also provides an overview of House and Senate Committees.

Another feature of the report is a look at the lame duck session following the elections and the legislative issues that may be considered during this period, including time-sensitive matters such as tax extenders.

We will continue to update you after the elections on any progress made related to tax extender legislation and the fate of expired investment incentives.