CHRB Meeting Summary

BERKELEY, Calif. (Apr. 26, 2014) – The California Horse Racing Board conducted its regular meeting Friday, April 25, 2014, at Golden Gate Fields. Chairman Chuck Winner presided.  2nd Vice Chair Richard Rosenberg and Commissioners Madeline Auerbach, Steve Beneto, Jesse Choper, and George Krikorian were in attendance.

The audio of this entire Board meeting is available on the CHRB Website ( under the Webcast link. In brief:

  • Representatives of Fairplex Park and Los Alamitos Race Course reported on their ongoing discussions concerning the possible application to the CHRB for Fairplex to move its race meet to the Orange County facility. They are expected to give a more detailed presentation if any application is presented for discussion and action at the May or June monthly Board meeting.
  • Acting on a request from and full support of the Jockeys’ Guild, the Board approved for 45-day public notice a proposed regulatory amendment to prohibit jockeys from using the riding crop, or whip, more than three times in succession without allowing the horse to respond. Other aspects of this rule will be discussed by a CHRB committee.
  • The Board approved for 45-day public notice a proposed rule pertaining to possession or use of an electrical device within the jurisdiction of the CHRB that would refer such cases to the Board for hearing and adjudication and establish a maximum penalty of license revocation for violations. Additionally, those found to have violated the rule will be referred to the district attorney for prosecution.
  • The Board approved a joint license application submitted by the Oak Tree Racing Association and the Alameda County Fair for Oak Tree to operate the traditional fair meet in Pleasanton from June 19 through July 6.
  • Executive Director Rick Baedeker reported on initiatives the Board is undertaking to protect racehorses and ensure the integrity of racing in California. A more detailed news release on this agenda is forthcoming.
  • The Board approved the request of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club to install a new MawSafe Rail System as its outside turf rail. The MawSafe is endorsed by the Jockeys’ Guild as a safe alternative to traditional rails.
  • The Board approved the license application for the Firehouse Sports Bar and Restaurant to offer wagering as a mini-satellite location in Bakersfield.
  • The Board approved the license application for S&S Venues to offer wagering as a mini-satellite in downtown San Diego at a yet-to-be opened restaurant at 100 Harbor Drive.
  • The Board authorized the California Exposition and State Fair (harness) to distribute $16,157 in race day charity proceeds to four beneficiaries and also authorized Watch and Wager LLC Racing Association at Cal Expo to distribute $5,200 in such proceeds to six beneficiaries. Commissioner Beneto recused himself from voting on the Watch and Wager request.
  • Acting on the recommendation of the Pari-Mutuel, ADW, and Simulcast Committee, the Board authorized Xpressbet to amend its license so that patrons at Santa Anita and Golden Gate can use new Wagering Tablets to make wagers without going to the windows. The wagers will be treated as on-track wagers for purposes of revenue distribution.
  • Acting on the recommendation of the Legislative, Legal, and Regulations Committee, the Board approved revised CHRB Governing Procedures for cases involving Class 1, 2, and 3 medication violations.
  • Acting on the recommendation of the Legislative, Legal, and Regulations Committee, the Board issued a Ruling concerning issues referred to the Board by the San Diego Superior Court pertaining to the Stabling and Vanning Fund for Southern California.