NTRA Encourages Check-off Participation

From NTRA WASHINGTON, D.C. (Nov. 7, 2013) -- The Breeding Stock Sales are off to a great start and soon it will be time for the 2014 Winter Sales to continue this momentum. The Winter Sales also provide you with the chance to help advance the horse racing industry in federal legislative matters.

Will you join the over 700 industry members from 42 states and 10 countries who participated last year in the NTRA’s ¼% Check-off program? You can help the industry by supporting the program that funds horse racing’s presence on Capitol Hill.

Please fill out the enrollment form below and return it either to your consignor or directly to the sale company.

¼% Check-off Enrollment Form

Promotional flyer

Contribution examples based on sale price:
$10,000 sale price = $25 contribution
$50,000 sale price = $125 contribution
$100,000 sale price = $250 contribution