Del Mar Statement on Pick Six

DEL MAR, Calif. (Dec. 5, 2016) -- Beginning with its 2016 fall meeting, Del Mar instituted an enhanced Pick Six that included a Single Ticket Jackpot pool bonus for a unique (i.e., single) winning ticket.

Del Mar applied for the modification to its Pick Six under the Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI) rule 004-105G (“Pick n Pools”).  Under that rule, there is a provision which designates payouts during a mandatory distribution date (in this case closing day). Under the ARCI rule, if there is not a unique ticket on a mandatory distribution day, the entire pool, including any carryover that might exist, shall be paid out to those who have selected the first-place finishers in the greatest number of races. Based upon the rule, since there were 44 tickets with six of six winners, there was no consolation payout in these circumstances.
While Del Mar Thoroughbred Club and its tote provider, AmTote, were following the ARCI rule, we regret any confusion surrounding the payout of the Pick Six pool on the mandatory distribution day and how the ARCI rule may have impacted our customers.