CHRB Meeting Summary

DEL MAR, Calif. (July 15, 2016) – The California Horse Racing Board conducted its regular meeting Thursday, July 14, at Del Mar Surfside Race Place. Chairman Chuck Winner presided. Vice Chair Richard Rosenberg and Commissioners Madeline Auerbach, Steve Beneto, George Krikorian and Alex Solis also were in attendance.
The audio of this entire Board meeting is available on the CHRB Website ( under the Webcast link. In brief:

  • The Board approved a series of motions designed to comply with a Superior Court order, submit emergency regulations to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL), and permit Los Alamitos to write race conditions for its current meet (subject to OAL approval of the emergency regulations) – all pertaining to the internal program at Los Alamitos involving the testing of hair samples to determine the eligibility of horses for certain races.
  • Representatives of the Stronach Group advised the Board that Golden Gate is proposing that the vanning and stabling fund not reimburse nearby Pleasanton for stabling costs during Golden Gate’s fall meet, which they expect would save Golden Gate and horsemen approximately $200,000 a month during that period. They said that with the addition of planned new portable stalls, there will be 1,500 stalls available at Golden Gate for that meet – a number they believe would be sufficient for their horse inventory. They said there have been conversations with Pleasanton for adding that facility back into the vanning and stabling program in the spring when the horse inventory is expected to increase. The Board will rule on this matter in August at part of Golden Gate’s license application for the fall meet.
  • The discussion of stabling prompted Chairman Winner to ask the Legislative, Legal and Regulations Committee to consider a proposal by Commissioner Krikorian to have an independent auditor take inventory of all horses stabled at California racetracks and approved training facilities, and to include in that inventory details on the racing status of each horse.
  • The Board approved the license application for the California Authority of Racing Fairs to conduct a meet that will be called “Oak Tree at Pleasanton” from September 21 through October 4 – two weeks formerly awarded to the San Joaquin County Fair in Stockton.
  • The Board approved dates for Barretts’ upcoming sales: a paddock sale at Del Mar on July 23, a select yearling sale at Del Mar on August 30, and a sale of yearlings and horses of racing age at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds on October 18.
  • Safety officials reported on a recent emergency drill at Del Mar that had multiple agencies, including a medevac unit, responding to a scenario that involved five jockeys injured in a major racing accident. They said they learned things from the drill that will help them better prepare and respond to any real accident. The Board will consider making such drills a requirement at all racetracks as part of the license application process.