CHRB Meeting Summary

ARCADIA, Calif. (June 17, 2016) -- The California Horse Racing Board conducted its regular meeting Thursday, June 16, at Santa Anita Park. Chairman Chuck Winner presided. Vice Chair Richard Rosenberg and Commissioners Madeline Auerbach, Jesse Choper, George Krikorian and Alex Solis also were in attendance.

The audio of this entire Board meeting is available on the CHRB Website ( under the Webcast link. In brief:

  • The Board approved a regulatory amendment requiring that authorized bleeder medication be administered only by independent, third-party veterinarians. The rule, which now goes to the Office of Administrative Law for review and final approval, conforms to recommendations by the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium and Racing Commissioners International. The rule was supported by the California Veterinary Medical Board and will bring California into line with 14 other state racing jurisdictions.
  • The Board heard a report from the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau that identified four of the 56 hubs sending wagers to California host tracks as being habitually 8 to 12 seconds slower than the rest in sending in their final pools, with one of those four – the one serving Florida – representing most of the wagers that are not reflected in posted odds 10 seconds after the start. The TRPB is working with racetracks and regulators in Florida to speed up that process. Since the increased frequency of odds updates to 30 seconds, more than 99 percent of the pool is reflected at 10 seconds after the break.
  • The Board approved a request by the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club to experiment with a change to its Pick 6 for the upcoming summer meet only. Instead of the traditional 70 percent of Pick 6 wagers going into the main pool and 30 percent into the consolation pool, the new split will be 85 percent for the main pool and 15 percent for consolations. This change is designed to produce higher carryovers.
  • The Board approved the license application for the Pacific Racing Association to operate a race meet at Golden Gate Fields from August 17 through September 20.
  • The Board approved the license application for the Humboldt County Fair to operate a fair meet in Ferndale from August 17 through August 30.
  • The Board and stakeholders discussed a proposed rule to require ADW companies to identify those wagers placed by accountholders located within California racetracks and simulcast facilities, so that racetracks and horsemen would get a larger share of revenue from the takeout on those wagers. Chairman Winner directed staff to draft a rule for review by the Legislative, Legal, and Regulations Committee at their August meeting.
  • The Board approved for 45-day public notice a proposed modification of CHRB Rule 1489.2 to require that specified criteria shall be used when considering the denial, suspension, or revocation of an occupational license.
  • The Board approved the proposed amendment to CHRB Rule 1632 to adjust the jockey riding fee scale in accordance with statute.