CHRB Meeting Summary

ARCADIA, CA – The California Horse Racing Board conducted its regular meeting Thursday, February 25, at Santa Anita Park. Chairman Chuck Winner presided. Vice Chair Richard Rosenberg and Commissioners Madeline Auerbach, Steve Beneto, Jesse Choper, George Krikorian, and Alex Solis also were in attendance.

The audio of this entire Board meeting is available on the CHRB Website ( under the Webcast link. In brief:

  • A representative of the Thoroughbred Racing and Protective Bureau (TRPB) reported industry progress in updating odds postings more rapidly, so that significant odds changes late in the running of the race have been greatly reduced. Efforts are continuing to further speed up final pool reports from all locations after the start of the race.
  • The TRPB also reported that 90 percent of wagering locations now are providing Santa Anita with sufficient data for the track to post the details of noteworthy winning Pick 6 tickets as they occur – nearing the level of transparency that the CHRB has been advocating for many years.
  • The Board authorized Santa Anita Park to add an Arabian race to its April 2 card, provided that enabling legislation is passed by then, subject to other steps required by the Board and the Thoroughbred Owners of California.
  • The Board modified the text of a proposed regulatory amendment pertaining to riding rules and approved it for public notice. The amended rule will be subject to a public hearing after the notice period.
  • The Board approved an industry request to continue redirecting a portion of Advance Deposit Wagering (ADW) revenue to the Southern California Stabling and Vanning Fund, as permitted by state law.
  • The Board approved a rule prohibiting the presence of clenbuterol in a quarter-horse test sample and requiring that any horse treated with clenbuterol be placed on the Veterinarian’s List and prohibited from racing until the horse tests clear.
  • Representatives of the California Marketing Committee reported a projected budget of $1,745,000 in 2016 and a marketing plan emphasizing product enhancement (increased quantity and quality of horses in California) and handle generation.
  • The Legislative, Legal and Regulations Committee reported on its February 24 public meeting at which the pilot microchip program and illegal match races were discussed. CHRB investigators will work with local law enforcement agencies to identify licensees who may be participating in illegal match races, which typically take place at private ranches.
  • The Board authorized the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club to distribute $24,261 in race day charity proceeds to four beneficiaries.
  • The Board authorized the Los Angeles Turf Club to distribute $26,800 in race day charity proceeds to 10 beneficiaries.