TAA Issuing $2.48 Million in Grants

By Blood-Horse Staff
The Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance announced Dec. 14 that $2.48 million in grants will be awarded to its 56 accredited aftercare organizations. The financial grants are provided to support the ongoing care of the Thoroughbreds that the organizations work to retire, retrain, and re-home.

Each organization accredited by the TAA has undergone a thorough application, inspection, and review process to ensure they meet the TAA's code of standards. The 56 currently accredited organizations have all met or exceeded the standards set forth in the categories of operations, education, horse health care management, facility standards and services, and adoption policies and protocols.

"We are thrilled to have received accreditation for our aftercare program and to join the ranks of so many other organizations that share our desire to help transition former racehorses to new, productive, and loving lives," said Christopher Oldham in a statement from the TAA. Oldham is vice president of After The Homestretch-Arizona, a newly accredited organization.

"One of our top priorities for 2015 was to expand awareness of the TAA. The jump from 42 accredited organizations supporting 130 facilities to 56 accredited organizations supporting more than 180 facilities is evidence that we achieved that goal," said Jimmy Bell, who is president of TAA and Darley America. "The demand continues; the awareness continues; the sustainable funding is now a blinking light as the growth in that department is not keeping pace with demand and awareness. As an organization and an industry we must continue to develop and evolve.  We are making great strides thanks to all of the support we have received to date. Obviously, we need to do more."

Accreditation is effective for two years, after which organizations must reapply. Periodic site inspections are conducted to ensure each organization maintains the TAA standards.