Flavien Prat Walking Again After Back Injury

By Jeremy Balan
Five days after breaking multiple vertebrae in his back and puncturing a lung after a fall at Los Alamitos Race Course, jockey Flavien Prat was out of bed and walking the halls of Long Beach Memorial Medical Center for the first time Sept. 22.

After a chest tube—which was inserted to treat his lung —was removed Tuesday, the rider was able to move about the hospital with the help of a walker and a body brace, which he will need to wear for three months. Recovery time and physical therapy beyond that time is still unknown.

Jockey agent Derek Lawson said the 23-year-old rider's spirits were high Tuesday.

"We don't know how many more days they'll keep him in there, but he's never been happier to just be on his feet," Lawson. "He was so happy to get out of bed."