Del Mar Draws from Near and Far

From DMTC Publicity
DEL MAR, Calif. (July 15, 2015) -- The established stables of Del Mar meetings through the years are back.

Those of Hall of Famers Bob Baffert, Neil Drysdale, Jerry Hollendorfer, Richard Mandella and Ron McAnally. Those of perennial training title contenders Peter Miller, John Sadler and Doug O’Neill.

The Midwest-based stables that made a 2014 impact with strings here for the first time have returned. Those of Mark Casse and Mike Stidham.

And there are several trainers from Northern California who have made stall requests for the first time or in numbers greater than in the past.

Racing Secretary David Jerkens looks over the lists and is pleased.

“Overall, it’s very similar to last year when we averaged 8.8 (horses) per race,” Jerkens said. “I think we’ll also see a lot of different horses from the ones that ran through the Santa Anita meeting due to the Ship And Win program.

“That has worked very well in stimulating bringing in horses from out of state and has been vital for the local (based) horsemen.”

The five Hall of Famers have a combined 140 horses on the grounds. The perennial contender trio accounts for 135 more. Casse and Stidham are bringing in a combined 47 horses, a slight increase from last season and fellow Midwesterner Phil Oliver has 10 stalls, up from two a year ago.

Stidham has 25 horses here. “About double what we had last year,” he said.

“We did all right here last year. Purses at Arlington Park are in the tank right now. We needed somewhere with better purses for some of the horses and this place fits that.

“And the bonus that they give to the out-of-state horses helps. I hope we have half as good a meeting as we had last year.”